Dr. Sunaina Shrivastava - Yellow Fryum

Dr. Sunaina Shrivastava,
BEng., MBA, PhD

  • Marketing Professor
  • Consumer Decision Making & Communication Expert
  • Customer Growth Consultant
  • Co-Founder, Yellow Fryum

Having spent 10+ years in the field of Consumer Behavior and Behavioral Science, Dr. Sunaina Shrivastava is a specialist in terms of Market positioning, Digital strategy and Social Media marketing. She is a Professor of Marketing at The O’Malley School of Business at Manhattan College and serves as the Chief Behavioral Officer with Mind Genomics, a New York based firm. Dr. Shrivastava has previously served as a senior behavioral scientist at Ipsos, a leading marketing firm.

Dr. Shrivastava has helped numerous clients across a variety of industriesstrategically position themselves in the digital marketing space, therebyenabling them to grow their business measurably with a focus on customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

Dr. Shrivastava holds a Ph.D. in Marketing and Consumer-Behavior from The Tippie College of Business at The University of Iowa. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and an MBA in Marketing and Supply Chain Management.